The Promise

"The work of the Everglades Institute will prove to be essential to the future of life in South Florida, both human and animal..."

(from the late Marjory Stoneman Douglas' letter when she accepted a place on our advisory board a decade ago.)

The Performance

The Institute has produced hard data, and identified historic evidence, linking the decline in fish, wading birds, and panther populations of the Everglades to faulty management premises. A number of papers on these subjects have been presented at national and regional scientific conferences. The Institute found a fifty year record indicating that Federal ownership and management of land resulted in migration of wildlife to non-Federal lands where historic, market driven management practices provided viable habitat at no cost to the taxpayer. The Institute developed Socio-Ecology; an academic discipline integrating ecology, economics, government and history. Socio-Ecology-based education programs enable students to understand advanced material and complex concepts as early as the seventh grade. The Institute has developed, validated and implemented education programs for:
  1. secondary, undergraduate, and graduate students.
  2. the learning disabled and emotionally handicapped.
  3. teacher education.

The Future

The new Institute facility, now under design in the interior of the Everglades, will be a leading center for wetlands-related education and research.
The Everglades Institute is a 501(C[3]) organization.
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